Mambo is teacher-led, student-centered software.

Formative assessment provides teachers the opportunity to tailor the learning paths to the level and learning style of every student.

Our skills reports and detailed follow-ups provide a clear overview of each student’s progress.

The learner develops a solid foundation of vocabulary and grammar scaffolding onto hundreds of real-life situations aiming to acquire oral and written fluidity and cultural awareness.

Immediate feedback and constant practice of the four linguistic skills ensure students complete development.

The cutting-edge technology allows students to learn both at school and at home and on different devices.

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School School Board
Over 50,000 activities
Immediate feedback
Automatically graded
Teacher graded oral and written open expression activities
Native speaker modeling
Speech recognition
Multi-device access
Student attempts—Unlimited
Software upgrades—Unlimited
Content updates—Unlimited
Teacher accounts—Unlimited
The Mambo Game
Skills reports
Differentiated instruction per students
Customizable learning paths
Fully interactive Smart Board activities
Live classroom tracking and progression
District curriculum and share best practices
Benchmarks and detail reports
Longevity and sustainability Multi-years programs

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  • I see myself wanting to be 100% in each grade, knowing what I am doing and that Smash Education helps me achieve it. I think is very easy and simple, and if you do need a help there is always a way t contact them and there are always available.

  • I am happy because with Smash Education it does tell you if you are doing wrong, so it helps me really to improve.

  • From the beginning was so simple for me to use it, I am feeling glad that Smash Education is something is going to help me.

  • Smash Education has been incredible for my students and leaves me free to help them individually. I love the culture that I can teach, the videos at the beginning of the lesson as intruduccion or end as a review / information.

  • I love the fact that Smash Education is basically a system that is customized to yours and your students needs and not backwards. It is the only one that I found with this characteristics.

  • Smash Education is an internet program that allows students individual learning. What I like about the program is that they t to the needs of each teacher content level. If you need something speci c, you can send content and they nalize and upload it to the system, allowing each teacher to have control of the program

  • Smash Education have provided work in the sense that we have a system that helps our teachers to practice AP Spanish Language and prepares students for the AP exam.

  • Our school uses a university model approach, which means that our students meet only three times a week and work from their homes the other two. For years we have been using the Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS) method to teach Spanish and we have had great success. However, our challenge has always been to provide our students opportunities to practice their listening and speaking skills during the days we do not meet.

  • I teach Spanish 1, 2 and 3 in an IB prep (International Bachelorette program). My students have used the program for two consecutive years and I could not be happier.

  • Smash Education is a great program to make your students interact and use the technology.

  • I chose Smash Education because I considered that it was time for us to move to technology and to use technology. It is more helpful for my students, because they can see if they are doing their work correctly.

  • I think Smash Education is really helpful because it's not only about reading, it really instructs you and takes you step by step.

  • I think that if I had had Smash Education in my earlier levels of Spanish it would have helped me a lot because it helps me practice reading and writing but also speaking.

  • The situational videos help you to understand how to communicate naturally, for example, when you want to talk about weather; it puts it in a more natural sounding way that just reading it in a book.

About us

Created by senior educators from Canada, United States and Mexico with over 200 years of combined experience. By carefully implementing state of the art technology, we make the experience of learning a new language easy, engaging, fun and effective while offering the most advance language curriculum. We cover from a complete beginner to fluency.


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13 years old and under users must have the permission of a parent, legal guardian or school teacher in order to create Smash Education Inc account and use it. If you, your teacher or your legal guardian created an account for you, and you use Smash Education, this means you have read, understood and agreed to the user agreement.


You must not express, contribute or write offensive remarks on Smash Education Inc via the comment tool or any other place where a user can express himself. If you are using inappropriate language, infringe any laws or you are insulting or offending other users, Smash Education Inc reserves the right to notify your parent, legal guardian or teacher. Smash Education Inc can also delete your account if you do not respect this agreement.


Paid subscription-based accounts—teacher or student Paid student accounts are available through school subscription weather paid by the school or by the students. The service is only available from the moment the school and or teacher receives the email of activation until June 30th of the active school year unless an agreement has been made between the school and Smash Education Inc. The service is accessible from any computer that has access to internet and meets the minimal requirements of Smash Education Inc. All teacher accounts have the same rights as a student’s account and it enables them to have access to their classes’ statistics and administrative tools to manage their classes. Summer school is available for schools, but not included in the school year subscription unless specified in an agreement between you and Smash Education Inc. Smash Education Inc provides technical support by the technical support button that is available in the teacher and student portals, by email, and by telephone. The messages that are sent through the technical support via the teacher and student portals are not a chat and will be answered in a timely manner. In order to give an additional feeling of security to the people responsible for the students, the teacher responsible for the group to which the student belongs receives a copy of the messages exchanged between the student and the technical support of Smash Education Inc from the portal of the student. Technical support messages cannot be deleted and can be accessed at any time while the user’s account is active. Smash Education Inc does not provide pedagogical support, please seek assistance from teachers or qualified tutors.


Smash Education Inc is accessible 24/7, but sometimes the website or application may be unavailable due to maintenance or technical issues. Smash Education Inc is not liable in case of an outage or during an update. Smash Education Inc will try to conduct these updates when the least people are visiting Smash Education Inc’s website or application. Smash Education Inc reserves the right to add, delete or modify any content that is on Smash Education Inc website or application. Smash Education Inc cannot be liable for errors, typographic errors and bugs. If you report it, Smash Education Inc will do its best to fix it in a timely manner. Every user created in the system is the owner of their own account. We do not delete anything unless requested by the user, after 24 months of inactivity. Users can activate their accounts by subscribing to the family subscription or by entering an activation code that will link them to a subscribed school.

  • internet connection
  • working microphone (if the teacher assigns oral activities)
  • enable the microphone
  • For iPad users: download the Smash Education or Mambo Education application via the App store
  • using the Chrome browser because some activities do not work properly in other browsers. A notification will appear when you sign in if you open a browser other than Chrome.
  • Earphones with a built-in microphone for the oral activities (not mandatory)


Smash Education Inc. records students answers for educational purposes. Smash Education Inc. agrees never to disclose personal information associated with student’s answers without the written consent of the parent, or the student's legal guardian.


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This agreement is governed by the laws applicable in Quebec, Canada. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement or to a breach hereof, including its interpretation, performance or termination, shall be resolved in Quebec, Canada.


Here are the terms and conditions between a school or district and Smash Education Inc. The school or district agrees to buy memberships for its students, the details such as the number of student accounts and the length of the subscription is detailed in a document called the “Purchase Order”, also called “PO”. Once a PO is sent by a school or district to Smash Education Inc, Smash Education Inc will create the number of licenses requested by the PO that will enable the creation of accounts for the students. An invoice will be attached in the email and sent to the contact person. The school or district agrees to pay Smash Education Inc within 30 days upon the creation date of the invoice. The school can use the activation codes up to the maximum number of memberships ordered and paid for. Teacher accounts are not counted in the paid memberships. The school cannot replace a student license by another student license if the license has been used for more than 30 days. If a school would like to order more memberships, they can send a new PO to Smash Education Inc. The accounts are valid from the moment the PO is accepted by Smash Education Inc and valid until June 30th of the school year in effect, unless a written agreement has been made between the school and Smash Education Inc. Activations codes cannot be sold, lent or transferred to persons other than the school or district personnel or students. Every user must agree to the End user agreement in order to use Smash Education Inc. Unused licenses will be void at the end of the school year. Subscription fees are not refundable.

Privacy Policy


Your privacy is a concern for us at Smash Education Inc. Smash Education Inc is committed to keep your private information secure. We will not sell, share or rent any information you entered or submitted to Smash Education Inc. Smash Education Inc reserves the right to use your score and statistics for monitoring and marketing purposes; Smash Education Inc will keep this information confidential. Smash Education Inc may email you for special reasons. Otherwise, if you did not opt in, we will not send you emails. Smash Education Inc might ask users to fill out surveys or respond by email, as this information will orient Smash Education Inc to make decisions that reflect Smash Education Inc users’ ideas. In the case of contests held on Smash Education Inc, Smash Education Inc reserves the right to announce the first name and the first letter of the last name of the winner and the school.


Each user created in the system is the owner of their account. We do not delete anything unless requested by the user. At the end of a paid subscription, a user account is reverted to a free account or inactivated depending on the case. Users can upgrade their account by entering an activation code that will link him to his group that is part of a subscribed school. Smash Education Inc will never ask for your password, all passwords are encrypted in the database. Every user is responsible for his own password, please do not share your account and your password with anyone as someone could alter personal information of the account.

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